• Lifetime Transmission

    Friday 12 August 2016

    Hey Fans! I just had a conversation with a customer about the "lifetime transmission fluid" in their Toyota. They have about 40,000 miles on their Prius and the ATF is black and burnt. The transmissions of today are fairly complex inside, and hybrid vehicles typically have high voltage electric motors in them. The goal of fluid maintenance is to keep the quality of the lubricating oil/fluid as clean and debris free as possible.  Most vehicles now DO NOT have a serviceable f... read more

  • Fabrication Fun!

    Tuesday 07 June 2016

    Hello Fans! It has been a bit since I have written anything for you (at least worth reading), but I wanted to tell my story of novice welder to super fabricator (in my own mind)! Sorry for the length, I am chatty today. Those of you who are local or follow us on Facebook know the Toole’s Garage truck. It was a project that started out in 2009 to be just Dave Toole building an old truck to use as a shop vehicle, durable... read more

  • My Prius Hybrid Battery is dying!

    Monday 24 February 2014

    This is something that we are starting to hear more often. The great news is that we, as The Hybrid Shop Bay Area, are able to bring your existing battery back to life. If caught early enough, we may not even have to replace any cells within that battery. Be careful to all who are looking to find a replacement battery. There are a lot of places selling used batteries, or remanufactured batteries. The process to condition a single battery is fairly simple, but to condition a com... read more

  • Home Town Customer Service with Concierge treatment???

    Friday 15 November 2013

    In your day to day dealings with companies, do you ever find yourself asking in your head, "Wow, were did customer courtesy go?" Well, it is alive and well at our San Carlos Auto Repair, Toole's Garage. We know that your day to day can be filled with errands, school, shopping, school sports, commuting, cooking, going to the gym, and oh! Well, at Toole's Garage, we have very low cost rental cars, shuttle, and even concierge service! That's right! Concierge service! Many of our cli... read more

  • The Hybrid Revolution

    Friday 15 November 2013

    With all the cars of today coming out with a Hybrid version and some manufacturers coming out with all electric cars, we wanted to help clear the air in regards to the longevity of the HEV batteries. These Hybrid vehicles have been out since year 2000. They have now been starting to experience the joy of "Battery Module Deterioration". Well, the truth is, there is no battery that lasts forever. If there is, the cost to manufacture it must be astronomical. The HEV batteries from most manufact... read more