San Carlos Hybrid Repair - Hybrid Maintenance and Repair

Your hybrid is special, and we know it! However, it doesn't mean that the maintenance and repair of your vehicle needs to be significantly difficult or expensive. Your hybrid services just need to be specifically tailored to your car. The people at our San Carlos Hybrid Repair - Toole's Garage are experts and can guarantee you specialized hybrid auto services.

Hybrid Maintenance

Toole's Garage is committed to hybrid maintenance. We make sure to use certified parts and fluids while following up with you after every scheduled service. Some of our common maintenance services include:

  • Full comprehensive Health and Voltage Diagnostics
  • Battery conditioning
  • Cable inspection and repair
  • Liquid System Flush Out
  • Transmission Flush of Fluid
  • Ensuring idle-off faculties and start-up
  • Inspection of fluid levels, hoses, throttle body, wiring and belts
  • Inspection of seals, exhaust, cooling system components, power train, wiring and suspension
  • Oil changes
  • Tire inspections and tire rotations
  • Parking brake adjustments and brake inspections

Hybrid Repair

Hybrids are proven to be constantly reliable, but there will come a time when your hybrid needs extra attention, just like any other vehicles. The technicians at our San Carlos Hybrid Repair - Toole's Garage go the extra mile to make sure they have the most current training, and high tech specific information systems, and diagnostic tools.

Some of our more common hybrid car repairs include:

  • Battery Conditioning
  • Battery Replacement and Cable Repair
  • Battery Conditioning and Testing
  • Battery Filter Replacement
  • Air Conditioning Service and Repair
  • Check Engine Light Repair and Diagnostics