I was impressed by how analytical they were in diagnosing the cause of the brake problem I brought to them. As a result they did just what they needed to do to fix the problem - in this case cleaning out old grease and relubricating. I paid just enough to get the problem fixed, not to buy a whole repair package or do unnecessary work. I have two Hondas, and this is the second time I have been impressed by their interest in fitting the solution to the problem.


Dave is doing an excellent job of building this business. I'm really impressed!


Great service and promt resolution of my car problem.


quickly and at minimal cost. Would highly recomment to anyone in need of car repair. Keep up the good work!


I brought in a Toyota Matrix for a pre purchase vehicle inspection and am I ever glad I did. Several issues were discovered on the car that were not told to me by the dealer nor were present on the Car FAX. So the information provided gave me the tools to back up my offer for the car. Great experience and very nice working with these guys. Definately money well spent!


Thorough, professional, prompt and reasonable.


This is the first time I have ever bothered to give feedback for any type of business, so clearly I was impressed. Dave was extremely thorough with his explainations and had all the time necessary to explain his services and my cars issues. He fell over backwards to try to save me money by diagnosing and fixing parts instead of replacing whole units. I know if I had have visited a dealership they would have simply replaced parts at great cost to me and I would have had know idea how much I had been overcharged. It's so hard to know when you have found an honest contractor or technician, but I feel I lucked out with Dave. In the true tradition of the old fashonioned mechanic Dave put his client first. You have all my future business. Thank you.


Every item needing repair was explained thoroughly. I knew exactly what to expect before I initially left the garage. I was very please with the repair/service and felt very confident my Honda had the best of care.


Love the on-line scheduling, Dave is very thorough in his explanations and doesn't have "problem of the day" that I often experienced at the dealership. Great Job Dave!!!!!


Dave has a fantastic mechanic, know Hondas inside and out! Great customer service as well