• Home Town Customer Service with Concierge treatment???

    Friday 15 November 2013

    In your day to day dealings with companies, do you ever find yourself asking in your head, "Wow, were did customer courtesy go?" Well, it is alive and well at our San Carlos Auto Repair, Toole's Garage. We know that your day to day can be filled with errands, school, shopping, school sports, commuting, cooking, going to the gym, and oh! Well, at Toole's Garage, we have very low cost rental cars, shuttle, and even concierge service! That's right! Concierge service! Many of our cli... read more

  • The Hybrid Revolution

    Friday 15 November 2013

    With all the cars of today coming out with a Hybrid version and some manufacturers coming out with all electric cars, we wanted to help clear the air in regards to the longevity of the HEV batteries. These Hybrid vehicles have been out since year 2000. They have now been starting to experience the joy of "Battery Module Deterioration". Well, the truth is, there is no battery that lasts forever. If there is, the cost to manufacture it must be astronomical. The HEV batteries from most manufact... read more

  • Maintenance....truth....or lies!

    Thursday 14 November 2013

    Hello all! This is our first Blog post. We just wanted to touch up on our theory/opinions on true maintenance of a vehicle. Since we are Honda vehicle specialists, our view on maintenance goes back a long way. When most vehicles were taken into the shop to be "fixed", certain manufacturers had a "maintenance schedule" for their vehicles. This brought about statements like.."Wow, they last forever".. and "It has how many miles on it?" To say that fluid maintenance and adjustments are important... read more

  • Dealer or Independent????

    Sunday 20 May 2012

    We are asked this question quite a bit, so we decided to write down our OPINION on this subject. Firstly, a dealer is a great option if you do not have a solid "independent specialist" within reasonable distance of convenience. The dealer offers all high quality OEM (original equipment parts). Their skill set is generally good. There is however a big curve of skill set at a dealership. There are "just started today" low dollar apprentices all the way to high caliber/paid diagnosticians or Mast... read more

  • Conventional oil vs. Synthetic oil...THE CONTROVERSY!

    Saturday 19 May 2012

    A question that our customers ask is “What do you think about synthetic oil?” Our OPINION goes a little something like this..... We like synthetic oils. It is a better quality oil by far. Molecularly it does not break down like petroleum based or conventional oil, which means it is fighting against metal wear. We would suggest that everyone convert to synthetic oil. That being said, there is the idea that it lasts twice or three times as long in there as conventional oil, which molecularly is... read more